Drivers urged to undertake training before towing caravans

  • Link to the syllabus
  • Where to find training providers

Drivers in England, Scotland and Wales can take newly-accredited training to learn and improve the skills they need to safely tow.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is urging drivers who are planning to tow a caravan or trailer to take a training course before getting behind the wheel.

There are newly-accredited trainers running courses to suit every level of ability, including:

  • towing for the first time
  • returning to towing after a break
  • towing larger trailers
  • refreshing and formalising your skills if you already regularly tow

DVSA is recognising expert organisations who are approving the individual trainers joining the scheme. They must all follow the learning to drive a car and trailer syllabus, which DVSA has developed with industry experts.

Find an accredited trainer

You can take training that will teach you how to tow:

  • specific types of trailers such as caravans or horse boxes
  • large or small trailers

You can find a training provider or course by contacting one of these organisations:

Drivers are advised to check with the trainer to find out:

  • what type of training they specialise in
  • how much the training costs (trainers set their own prices)