Pro-Tec Covers turns its hand to PPE

Many companies are wondering how they can help support the Covid-19 effort. 

Pro-Tec Covers was one such company. They are a leading manufacturer in caravan and motorhome covers and Keith Proctor, one of the founders of Pro-Tec Covers, was contacted to see if he could help.

Before Keith and wife Anne started Pro-Tec, he had a company that repaired and sold industrial sewing machines and Anne used to train sewing machinists. Using these old contacts in the manufacturing industry, they soon had some good leads and in no time were producing products for field hospitals for the MoD.  Very soon they will be producing PPE (personal protective equipment) products.

The company commented: “Although Pro-Tec are a small family run business, we understand that any help we can collectively provide to our key workers and NHS at the moment is invaluable. Collaborating and working together to overcome Covid-19 is how we will get through this uncertain period.

“Whilst we have switched much of our production time over to the Covid-19 effort, we also want to ensure that our loyal customers are not left out and unable to source a quality covers. With this in mind, we changed our working practices and environment to ensure the full safety of our dedicated team, enabling us to still manufacture our caravan and motorhome covers; although we do ask for a little understanding with longer lead times whilst we do our bit to help.”