Updated guidance on reducing risks from coronavirus in the workplace

The law says you must consult with your workers about reducing risks from coronavirus in your workplace.

HSE has updated its guidance to “help you have conversations with your workforce about providing support and keeping control measures in place.”

It says that talking to your workers means you can explain changes you’re making to keep the workplace COVID-secure and continue to run your business safely. It also gives workers the chance to:

  • tell you if they’re worried about any workplace risks
  • influence decisions about health and safety

HSE has converted this advice to web pages so it is easier for people to find the information they need and has expanded its guidance to include more advice on:

  • supporting higher-risk groups
  • returning to the workplace
  • ventilation and air conditioning
  • stress, mental health and wellbeing

The updated guidance will, the HSE says, help you keep in touch with workers and support them as restrictions are eased in the coming months.