The latest consumer sentiment tracker from Visit Britain

Visit Britain today (19 November) released the latest COVID19 Consumer tracker research – Wave 19 covering the fieldwork period from 9-13 November.

Among the notable findings are:

Confidence in taking UK overnight trip in the near-term (Nov/Dec/Jan confident) and over the longer term has dropped.

In terms of destination, there has been a shift away from the South West towards the South East and from countryside to city.

The proportion of UK adults stating ‘the worst has passed’ in relation to COVID-19 has significantly risen compared to the last wave (from 5% to 16%) and is the highest since Wave 14 (from early September).

Confidence in holiday taking remains shaky

More than four in ten people intend to take fewer overseas trips between now and the end of March.

Confidence in the ability to take a UK overnight trip is not rising:

  • Near-term confidence (November to January) in being able to take a domestic overnight trip has declined since Wave 18.
  • Confidence remains subdued even up to March.
  • It’s not until the April – June 2021 period that it shows a majority (53%) of UK adults expressing confidence in the ability to take a trip, but it them rises further through the summer and autumn months.

The reasons for not feeling confident about taking trips in the UK in late winter are (in order of importance): restrictions on travel from government; concerns about catching COVID-19; fewer opportunities to eat/drink out; restrictions on opportunities to socialise; it’s not responsible to travel.

Read the full report here.