Supporting staff through the menopause – Acas advice

Acas (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) upholds that it is important for employers to support staff through every stage of the menopause. It says that having early and regular follow-up conversations with staff to understand their needs can help make sure support and procedures are in place so they can continue to do their job effectively.

Follow this link to find out how to talk with staff about the menopause

Employers should consider how the person’s job role and responsibilities could make their menopause symptoms harder to deal with, for example if:

  • they work long shifts
  • they cannot take regular toilet breaks
  • their job requires a uniform which may cause discomfort
  • their job does not have much flexibility

There are several steps employers can take to make sure they have early conversations with staff and find solutions before problems arise.

Training managers

It can give staff more confidence to talk to their managers about the effects of the menopause on their work if they know the managers are trained to:

  • talk and listen sensitively
  • find ways to give support
  • have knowledge of the menopause and its effects
  • know what support and guidance the organisation can offer

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