Renewal of Trade Licence Plates – England’s second lockdown

If your trade licence plate expires during December 2020, DVLA has advised NCC that due to COVID-19 they will be inviting their customers to send renewal applications in early via an online form (VTL318) so that these can be processed without delay.  

DVLA has also introduced additional temporary changes to help the renewal process including:

  • the introduction of the notification service GOV.UK Notify to allow DVLA to confirm receipt of the renewal application – when customers provide a mobile number on their application form, they will receive a text message to confirm receipt of their application


  • the temporary removal of the motor insurance check – customers will not need to provide documents to evidence they have valid motor insurance for this December 2020 renewal period.

The DVLA has also updated the attached step-by-step best practice guide to help applicants renew their trade plates.

DVLA has also stressed it is important that applicants follow the correct procedures when completing the form to avoid rejections, in particular:

  • The tick box to declare whether you are a Trader, Dealer or Repairer should be completed
  • Issues regarding payment – ensure you enter the correct amount
  • Check your cheques – make sure they are signed, the words and figures match, and there are no unknown characters in the numbers box.