Lippert promotes slide-outs in new motorhome campaign

Lippert Components is to promote slide outs for motorhomes and campervans in a new campaign aimed at educating motorhomers across Europe about the benefits of slide-out systems.

In the US, these features are common across motorhomes, caravans and fifth wheel trailers. However, in Europe, their use is more limited. Lippert, which makes the Smart Room 2.0 slide-out system, aims to change this, and increase awareness in Europe.

“On compact vehicles, the slide-out can lead to a reduction in the weight of the vehicle,” says Lorenzo Manni, commercial director of LCI RV Europe. “In fact, by providing a Smart Room, the vehicle can be shorter yet have more than two square metres of extra space, but with a lower weight per square metre.”

The new campaign, dubbed ‘Slide Out Your Van’, plans to develop the concept of ‘space on demand’ on this side of the Atlantic. A dedicated website, includes information about Lippert, more about the technical details of the Smart Room 2.0, plus insights, interviews and videos.

The campaign is also running across the company’s social media platforms, with Lippert wanting to engage with the public about slide-outs.

Lorenzo Manni adds: “Many users have concerns about the slide-out technology. They are worried about water leaks, of additional weight, and the risk of not being able to retract the system if there is any malfunction of the mechanism or due to lack of energy, the electricity consumption and heat loss.

“We intend to dispel any doubts about the Smart Room, make sure the public are correctly informed, and also inform the B2B market about the extraordinary opportunities offered by our product which has been specifically engineered for the European market and for compact vehicles.”