Home based working – the basics

Sallyann Adams, Head of the NCC Training Academy, gives some tips on getting the best from your home-based staff.

She says it is important to clarify goals and roles by allocating tasks sensibly. Make deadlines clear, but bear in mind not everyone can be at computer from 9 to 5. Ensure all home workers understand what the protocols are and schedule regular ‘check-in’ meetings to keep everything on track.

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Tips for productive home working:

  • Regular check-ins
  • Good communication
  • Manage expectations – on both sides
  • Focus on outcomes, not activity
  • Resource your team (laptops, mobiles, Wi-Fi, broadband etc)
  • Be flexible
  • Use technology e.g. video calling (but don’t push anyone to be on camera) e.g. via:

Microsoft Teams


WhatsApp Desktop