Eat Out to Help Out scheme

The Eat Out to Help Out scheme aims to incentivise customers to eat in restaurants or other eating establishment by giving them a discount which the business can then claim back from the government. The scheme is UK wide and customers will be able to see who is taking part on GOV.UK.

Government has now published Guidance on the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, including how businesses can register to be part of it. The details of the scheme are:

  • It will run from 3-31 August 2020 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • It is a 50% discount, up to a maximum of £10 per person
  • It applies to food or non-alcoholic drinks to eat consumed on the premises (including outdoor seating areas)
  • Alcohol and service charges are excluded from the offer
  • There is no limit to the number of times customers can use the offer during the period of the scheme.
  • The offer applies individually to all members of a group who are eating or drinking together (so it can’t be applied where a person in the group is not eating).

Eligible businesses

Eligible establishments are those in which food is sold for immediate on-premises consumption. This could include:

  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Public houses that serve food
  • Restaurants/bistros and cafes within holiday sites and leisure facilities
  • Workplace canteens (the discount can be applied to food and drink that is sold to employees for immediate consumption on premises).

Private events and take-away food are excluded.

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