Business travel to the EU

The Government has produced a new explainer document for people travelling to the EU on business.

You will need a visa or work permit if you are:

  • taking part in activities or providing services that are not covered by a country’s visa-waiver rules
  • staying for more than 90 days in a 180-day period for any reason
  • transferring from the UK branch of a company to a branch in a different country (‘intra-corporate transfer’), even for a short period of time
  • carrying out contracts to provide a service to a client in another country in which your employer has no presence
  • providing services in another country as a self-employed person If you are travelling for less than 90 days in a 180-day period,

You will not need a visa if you are:

  • going to a business meeting, attending a conference, attending cultural or sports events or exchanges
  • travelling for journalistic or media purposes
  • If you’re taking goods worth more than £390 for business reasons you will need an ATA Carnet to avoid paying duty. This includes things like:
  • samples to show at trade fairs or sales meetings
  • publicity materials
  • recorded film and audio
  • equipment you need for work like laptops, cameras or sound equipment
  • goods for educational, scientific or cultural purposes
  • personal effects and sports goods

You will also need to make a customs declaration if you are taking commercial goods out of the UK

Read more in this PDF document