BEIS reminds businesses of crucial actions before Transition ends

The Business Intelligence and Readiness Directorate within BEIS has asked the NCC to publicise the following information in preparation for the End of the Transition Period.

The Transition Period ends on Thursday 31st December – there will, they say, be no extension. The UK will no longer be part of the EU Customs Union and Single Market. This means that, regardless of whether the UK reaches a free trade agreement with the EU, there will be new rules for businesses from Friday 1 January 2021 which require immediate action.

Your business needs to act now to prepare for these new rules. If you do not take action, there is a risk your business operations will be interrupted

As a first step, you should visit where you can use the checker tool to quickly identify the actions that your business needs to take. The checker tool will ask you questions about your business and provide all the information you need to be aware of such as new rules on:  

You can help prepare your businesses for the new rules by using support mechanisms provided by the Government:  

  • Sign up to receive updates on the specific actions you need to take once you’ve used the  checker tool at  
  • Sign up to receive the regular Business Readiness Transition Bulletin – an email newsletter providing information on major announcements and recently published guidance 
  • Watch the BEIS webinars that set out specific advice on how various sectors can prepare for Friday 1 January 2021, including: automotive, consumer goods & retail, construction, electronics & machinery, metals & other materials, and professional business services. Sign up for upcoming live events and also access the webinars on demand here.  

Government is encouraging businesses to take action to avoid interruption to operations and “to take advantage of the opportunities that being an independent trading nation will bring”.