AI emotional support app: Woebot – free to NCC members

We have all come to rely computers or our phones and apps for work, to find information, get us where we are going and even control our heating and lighting. But what about help with financial worries, relationship problems, sleep, exercise, loneliness? Well, what about Woebot …

The NCC Benevolent Fund’s helpline provider, Care first, has teamed up with Woebot, an artificial intelligence counsellor, to offer 24/7 ‘in the moment’ COVID-19-specific support via app.

Woebot allows a user to track their mood, identify patterns and give insight into particular issues or concerns that the user may not have realised were causing emotional distress.

The Woebot app has been clinically validated for symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can tackle financial worries, relationship problems, chronic pain, sleep, exercise, loneliness, grief, addiction, and procrastination. It also constantly learns about the issues that people are faced with, allowing psychologists to rapidly develop programmatic content for those issues.

Also, Woebot can teach the user techniques and tools such as cognitive behavioural therapies or breathing exercises. Over time, it will also learn from each individual user to better understand what does or doesn’t work for that individual.

One of the biggest benefits of using Woebot with Care first is that each user can be signposted/connected to a Care first professionally trained counsellor.

How it works

You can find out more and access the app via the NCC Benevolent Fund website.